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Kit Name: Cessna  208B Caravan EX
Kit Number: PL60376(No De-ice) PL60365 (TKS)
STC Number: SA09850AC
Aircraft TCDS Number: A37CE

Propeller Model#: 4HFR34C778/102BHA-0

Applicable Aircraft :

208B (S/N 208B2197, 208B5000 & up)            PT6A-140

STC Kit Contents:

1 Propeller Assembly                                                       4HFR34C778/102BHA-0

1 Spinner Polished Assembly                                         E-8107

1 Bulkhead Assembly                                                      E-5327

1 TKS Nozzle Bracket                                                      B-40763 **

1 Installation Drawing                                                    D-60375 *

1 Installation Drawing                                                    D-60366 **

1 Flight Manual Supplement                                         Alamo aerospace 55181-5

1 Installation and Rigging Instructions                      Alamo aerospace 2701

1 Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA)   Alamo aerospace 55181-6


1 Propeller assembly                                        P7785550-01 *

                                                                              P7785550-0183 **

Number of Blades                                             4

Blade Design                                                     Scimitar

Installed propeller  & spinner weight          143 lbs (approx.)

Maximum Diameter                                        102 inches

Minimum Diameter                                         100 inches

TBO                                                                     3500 hours or 72 calendar months

                                                                             (whichever occurs first)

Shipping Weight                                              300 lbs. each / 600 lbs. set

Shipping Dimensions                                      100″x88″x32″ each (approx.)

Other information:

*PL60376 Only

**PL60365 only ( Contains all of the TKS parts installed on propeller)


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FAA Identifier: KFPR
Ground: 119.55 [0700-2100]
Tower: 128.2 [0700-2100]

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