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The McCauley story begins in 1938 in Dayton, Ohio, when Earnest G. McCauley, who was a pioneer in the field of aerodynamics and holder of numerous patents on controllable propellers, founded the McCauley Aviation Corporation. In the still fledgling field of aviation, he determined that propeller and engine compatibility was crucial to achieving maximum efficiency and performance from an aircraft. McCauley built his company around this fundamental, yet significant and essential idea.

By 1946, the young company was already making dramatic advances that would forever change the face of flight. With the introduction of the first solid steel propeller, McCauley was building a reputation as an industry innovator. During World War II, McCauley produced 20,000 conventional, ground-adjustable solid steel propellers, an amount previously unheard of. McCauley’s position as a leader in the field was secured.

McCauley was purchased by Cessna Aircraft Company in 1960 and remains a division of Cessna today. Since then, the company has pioneered a number of new products, including constant speed and full-feathering propellers (both two- and three-blade).

In 1979, a three-blade full-feathering and reversing turbo prop was certified, followed by a four-blade model in 1983. McCauley began producing five-blade turbo props in 1987, and soon followed that with a revolutionary and successful STC propeller line called “BLACKMAC.” McCauley introduced a second generation- 1,650 shaft horsepower – five-blade propeller with scimitar-shaped blades for regional airlines in 1992.

In September 1996, the company was renamed McCauley Propeller Systems in order to better promote our uncompromising standards of quality and performance excellence and service to our customers. McCauley continues to be a leader in both new OEM applications and STC conversions. Today, McCauley is one of the world’s largest full-line propeller manufacturers, with over 500 models available. Historically, our propellers are FAA certified as original equipment for aircraft built by Hawker Beechcraft, British Aerospace, Cessna, Fairchild, Grumman, Jetstream, Piper, Stoddard Hamilton and many others. Our aluminum product lines have always served a wide range of markets: commercial, military, agricultural and commuter airlines, as well as personal and business aviation. McCauley propellers are in the field on more than 350,000 aircraft around the world – a testimony to our continuing commitment to excellence.

In 2006 McCauley expanded its product line to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and the first UAV production propeller was delivered to General Atomics for the Predator B. McCauley was recognized as a Supplier of Excellence in 2009 and subsequently delivered the 200th propeller system for the Predator B to General Atomics in 2010.

new mccauley props

New McCauley Propellers

McCauley overhauled condition propellers

Overhauled McCauley propellers

Continued time McCauley propellers

Continued time McCauley propellers


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