PL60026 Jetstream Blackmac

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Blackmac STC for Jetstrem

McCauley STC kit for Jetstream 31 in stock!
Propeller PartsMarket, inc. 772-464-0088

Kit Name: J31 Jetstream
Kit Number: PL60026

STC Number: SA1372GL

Aircraft TCDS Number: A21EU

Propeller Model#4HFR34C652/L106LA-0





Kit Contents                                                                       Part Number                   

2 Propeller Assemblies                                                                                4HFR34C652/L106LA-0

2 Polished Spinner parts kits                                                                       PL-6319

1 Installation Drawing                                                                                  D60025

1 Installation Instruction                                                                               TR-685

1 Pilot Operating Handbook & Flight Manual                                             TR684

Supplement (USA)

Flight Manual Supplement (Canada)                                                          TR729

2 De-ice Parts kits                                                                                       PL60049

2 Synchrophaser Parts kits                                                                         PL6320

16 Spacers                                                                                                 B5096


Propeller Part Number                                                                             P6525322-0307

Number of Blades                                                                                    4

Blade design                                                                                           Elliptical

Installed Propeller and Spinner Weight                                                  175 lbs. each

Maximum Diameter                                                                                106 inches

Minimum Diameter                                                                                  106 inches

TBO                                                                                                         5000 Hours or 72 Calendar Months

(which ever occurs first)

Shipping Weight                                                                                       350 Lbs. each/ 700 lbs. set

Carton dimensions                                                                                    86″ x 84″ x 28″ each

Spinner Carton Dimensions                                                                       51″ x 31″ x 25″ / 42 lbs. each



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Propeller PartsMarket, Inc.
2954 Curtis King Blvd.
Treasure Coast Int'l Airport
Fort Pierce, Florida 34946
Phone : 772-464-0088

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Airport Information

FAA Identifier: KFPR
Ground: 119.55 [0700-2100]
Tower: 128.2 [0700-2100]

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