MT STC Cessna 425

STC Cessna 425



Cessna 425 with 5-blade MTV-27

STC – Data


  • Type of Aircraft: C 425
  • EASA: 10038512 (issued March 02, 2012)
  • FAA: SA03375NY (issued March 11, 2014)
  • Applicable Aircraft: Cessna 425
  • Engines: P&WC PT6A-112, 135A
  • Propeller: MTV-27-1-E-C-F-R(P)/CFR210-58d
  • Advantages:
  • Best vibration damping characteristics for almost
    vibration free propeller operations
  • Bonded on nickel alloy leading edge for for
    superior erosion protection of the blades
  • General performance improvement
    (5% take-off & climb, 3 kts cruise with 1900 rpm)
  • No propeller speed restrictions on ground
    while operating in low idle
  • Unlimited blade life and FOD repairable blades
  • More ground clearance => less FODs
  • Unbeatable esthetic ramp appeal
  • Significant cabin noise and vibration reduction
  • All models comply with the strict German noise regulations 2010–
    “Landeplatz Lärmschutz Verordnung”for unrestricted
    airport operations in Germany and other
    European Countries.


more information about the STC (.pdf 70k)

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