beechcraftSince the early days of aviation, the name Beechcraft has always been synonymous with high quality and high performance aircraft. Performance, quality, and unsurpassed support and service are just a few of the reasons why Hartzell propellers are the exclusive choice of Beechcraft on every piston and turboprop currently in production. Hartzell Top Prop offers many of these same propeller packages and more for most model 33, 35, and 36 Bonanzas and Debonairs, all model 95 Travel Airs, and most 55 and 58 Barons. From standard equipment to the very latest blended airfoil scimitar technology, Top Prop has a propeller system match for your Beechcraft.

Bonanza and Debonair

IO-470 (2-blade)
IO-470 (3-blade)
IO-550 (w/ de-ice)
IO-520 & IO-550 (Scimitar)
IO-520 & IO-550 (Scimitar, w/ de-ice replace Hartzell)
IO-520 & IO-550 (Scimitar; w/ de-ice replace McCauley)

B36TC Bonanza

IO-520 (de-ice)

55 Baron

IO-470 (2-blade)
IO-470 (anti-ice)
IO-470 (2-blade anti-ice)
IO-470 new scimitar – no de-ice
IO-470 new scimitar – w/anti-ice
IO-520 (w/o air)
IO-520 (anti-ice, w/o air)
IO-520 – new scimitar – no de-ice
IO-520 – new scimitar w/anti-ice
IO-520 – new scimitar w/factory A/C ONLY

58 Baron

IO-520 (w/o air)
IO-520 & IO-550 (Scimitar anti-ice; w/ air)
IO-520 & IO-550 (Scimitar anti-ice; w/o air)
IO-520 (w/ air)
IO-520 (anti-ice; w/o air)
IO-520 (anti-ice; w/ air)
IO-550 (w/o air)
IO-550 (w/ air)
IO-550 (de-ice; w/o air)
IO-550 (de-ice; w/ air)
IO-520 & IO-550 (Scimitar; w/o air)
IO-520 & IO-550 (Scimitar; w/ air)
IO-550 (Scimitar; w/ air)
IO-550 (Scimitar elec. de-ice; w/o air)
IO-550 (Scimitar elec. de-ice; w/ air)
IO-520 & IO-550 (Scimitar elec. de-ice; w/o air)
IO-520 & IO-550 (Scimitar elec de-ice; w/ air)

Travel Air

2-blade (anti-ice)


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